ZL26-60 Material 304 stainless steel plate heat exchanger design pressure 3 MPa

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Place of Origin 中国上海(大陆)
品牌 库鲁
Certification ce
型号 ZL26-60
最小起订量 10.
Price 谈判
包装细节 胶合板
付款条件 L / C,T / T,西联汇款
Supply Ability 每月500个单位
健康)状况 New Structure 板式换热器
Liquid Flow Rate 0.2-1.0m / s. Maximum Working Pressure Variable
Voltage 380V 重量 5-500kg.
Dimension(L*W*H) Customiz Plate Heat Exchanger 保修单 一年
Product Name 板式换热器 Application 传播热量
材料 不锈钢304. Keyword Heat Exchanger
Connection Type 加剧 包装 Wooden Box
High Light



Product Description

ZL26-60 Material 304 stainless steel plate heat exchanger design pressure 3 MPa


Product name 小型换热器
Model ZL26-60
品牌 库鲁
焊接板式换热器由一群of thin corrugated metal plates. A thin copper foil is placed between each plate. The assembly is placed in a high temperature vacuum furnace in which the copper foil melts and brazes two adjacent plates together. The melted foil also seals the channel formed between two plates. In order to retain high internal pressure, two thicker front and end plates are normally brazed to both sides of the plate pack.
H =较高的传热效率,压力损失更高
M=medium heat transfer efficiency, medium pressure loss
L =较低的传热效率,较低的压力损失。
2.Brazing material:Nickel or Copper
3.Design Parameter:Brazing design pressure3.0Mpa
Design temperature -160 °C-225 °C


换热器和可拆卸板式 - 典型,交换器
a To provlde customers with brazed plate heat exchangers and removable plate-type exchangers
brazed plate heat exchangers and removable plate-type exchangers
a To provide customers with components and replacement of parts for various kinds of
heat exchangers and related services of various kinds of removable plate-type exchangers

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